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We have broadened our range of professional services beyond the traditional core of quantity surveying and project management to meet wider client needs. Project Cost Consultants is comprised of three primary divisions to conform to our service delivery system.

2.6.3 Reconstruction
2.6.4 Rectification
2.6.5 Rehabilitation works
2.6.6 Renovations
2.6.7 Repairs
2.6.8 Schedules of condition
2.6.9 Preparation of schedules of dilapidations
2.6.10 Technical reports
2.6.11 Replacement of materials components

2.7 Condition Assessment Reports
2.8 Property Maintenance Research
2.9 Real Estate Investment & Finance
2.9.1 Feasibility study reports
2.9.3 Advice on market proposal
2.9.4 Investment portfolios
2.9.5 Investment option analysis
2.9.6 Advice on budget / funding arrangements
2.9.7 Advice on site acquisition, grants and

2.9.8 Planning
2.9.9 Project financing
2.9.10 Cash flow projections

Tenant occupation

Premises inspection report
Preparation for occupation

Construction information systems

Construction Cost Information

3.1.1 Material costs
3.1.2 Contractor all-in rates
3.1.3 Cost analysis
3.4.1 Construction Cost Handbooks
3.4.2 In house newsletter
3.4.3 Construction magazines and journals

Cost Indices

3.3.1 Factor cost indices
3.3.2 Construction Index

Contractor Estimating Software
Workmate 3.0 Bindmaker software

3.5.1 Marketing
3.5.2 Training

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